Friday, May 13, 2005

Do you think WHY ! WHY ! WHY ! They may have posted it ?

Now and again, I like to immerse myself amoung the hoi - poloi of General Forum, if only for shits and giggles, or to despair the fall of human civilisation on the 'net. During one such short dip into the murky waters today, I came across a thread and related poll by one " Mutated Sea Bass " ... here it is :

Goodbye forum

It seems no matter what I post on here, it leads to flaming etc so Ive decided to leave it up to you guys , by putting up a poll. If the poll is overwhelmingly in favour that I should leave, then I will abide by its decision and the moderators are free to remove my sig etc at my own request on Sunday night, after 6 pm (Aust time).
If not then Ill stay.

Now, most of the posting was quite ... nice, considering just why and what M.S.B. seems to be posting about. I mean, the hell ? These G.F. people + restraint ? Some scary times we must live in. Thank-fully, by post 14, from one " Sdaeriji " we saw a return the the standard of " nor-mal-lacy " this place is reputed to foster upon its citizenry :

Leave. If you're going to be an attention whore and make a big ass scene about it, I don't want you here. Are you really so incapable of making a decision on your own like a grown up?

Charming, darling ... Of course, what the " Honorary Spam Forum Owner " forgot to draw any attention to was they'd posted this three times, and had DEAT'd the last 2 before lucky number 3. Yeah. " Attention Whore ". I'm sure it was just fate that made it happen. No irony here ! ...

Also, I just bought Ben Lee's " Awake is the New Sleep " album CD today, and it fucking rocks my socks. If you want to be cool like me, listen to it too. And no, I'm not being payed to endorse this music, they won't let me have him. Those mean shits. I'm a young man with needs too, you know !

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anti Bunkerism

Todd Bunker is just a no - talent cock jockey.

I mean, " sycophants " ? Bull Shit.

I'm just going to use Max to get close to Wil Anderson.


... Move along, citizen.

( You know, fuck it, so what if I couldn't think of anything directly N.S. 'ish right now. Just be glad I pulled my fucking finger out and gave you some of the good oil. Actual N.S. posts may be coming soon, though. In a regular fashion, shock - horror, in fact. So, a winner is you ! Maybe. )

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More Fucking Stupidity, Minus The Fucking, of course ...

Because as we all know, he doesn't want to do any of that till after he's married ... errr.

Remember DecA ? Well, where we all thought the Great Ego Wank was over, well, we were wrong.

DecA has gone and registered " " and low and behold, when we go into the " forums " folder ?

We see what is pretty much a carbon copy of Nation States Forums, if a little bastardised by CM / DecA / VE to his own sick design. The entire concept, and to a degree, forum title, etc data is of course stolen right out of Nation States.

Something that does make this funny and even a little more bizarre is that DecA has been threatening Invision Free ( These nice folks here ) with Ohio State Law, and even U.S. Federal law. Why ? Because since his old board got DEAT for breaking their ToS before, along with other factors, he wants " his " content back at least. Which is moot anyway, because the Terms of Service he agreed to when he joined cover everything he's been bitching about. An interesting part of which as I recall is ...

" InvisionFree does not guarantee that Content will be protected from loss, deletion, removal, or damage. Backups are the responsibility of the board owner. "

Of course, DecA isn't the real owner, ( Just one of his armarda of problems ) so it isn't even his content to claim. Just don't try to tell him that. For a person who claims to come from a " family of lawyers " he certainly knows fuck all about the law itself. Must be a case of nature over nurture, I guess ...

But hold on, why again are his threats to I.F. funny ?

Because as you can see, from the links to his new forum above, the Board is provided by I.F. again. Poor things, I wonder if they know what they're in for, again ...

EXPECT : ... Something ...

Recently, I popped into #themodcave on IRC to query as to " can the Names Release be expected some time -this- month ? Or are the bugs still Alien 1, 2 or 3 grade ? " ( By which I mean, are you still putting together the flame-throwers to cleanse us of the menace ) ... Because it has been a few months since the first comment on it being in the works, and the few obvious test accounts being made.

How-ever, the response from the person who gave me my answer was :

" Right now it's low priority "

So I asked if the forum-specific bugs I had heard about were making problems still, I got :

" No, it's something else which is still hush-hush. "

Well there you have it. Those great minds are working away on ...

Something !

No, I don't know what. But, at least they care ! And don't you wonder what it is ?

In semi-related news, Sirocco has put a new issue into the game, rejoice, but no help from me, I know nothing else about it at this time in regards to content or effect. So keep your eyes open !

Sunday, April 03, 2005

This just in ...

It has just come to my attention that the LOEL forums as mentioned before, of Kahta and CM / DecA / VE fame, have been " 404 " 'd by a host administrator.

This is what happens when you violate your forum host ToS. Suckers.

So, CM / DecA / VE and Kahta,

" You Got Served "

( It isn't fair really, I had the FBI eletronic report form ready and everything, pfffrt. )

You saw NOTHING !

As Max himself has said, there was no April Fools at Nation States. Carry on, citizen.

This has not been a public a-nun-s-mint.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

" And Fuck You Two " heh.

Several things to get off my chest here, most of them really good !

1) Nathicana got a blog of her own, and I think its brilliant. Its over there in Links too, you can't miss it, and if you do, the N.D.A. will get you.Will so, will so, will so. They are every-where, I tell you.

2) Yeah, I have links now and a new format, sooo shibby, eh ? Go check them out.

3) I'm fairly erudite, what-ever that means, ... but I still don't know what " shibby " is. Sounds feline to me.

Talking of pussy,

4) Kahta's been making more trouble in Nation States, but has also claimed to be leaving it, ha ha. Yeah, right. Still, one can dream. I still can't think it fair that some people just won't catch the Marbug virus and die, no matter how much I commit strange sexual and pagan acts with a small human skull idol carved from crystal / semi-precious stone. Or plan to ...

( Feel sorry for me, I hav the Purchase Lust, and the Zippo lighter looked like the proposed ritual acts above might be a little too painful for any-one to carry out no matter how good the cause ... And I can leech phone credit from my parents, heh. )

5) Decisive Action, ( Or " Dick Attraction " as they can be known by by others, boy's gotta be a pent-up closet case thee way he spouts his homophobia online ) the near-mentor of Kahta ( Can't Rationalise a Bit, more like it ), and idiot of several re-incarnations, is not only marked DoS, but has that same sorry N.S. rip off site of theirs still going, with all their usual homicidal, anti-semetic, anti-colour, anti-anything-but-their-twisted-Calvinism bitching.

Instead of like quoting it, and because quite frankly I don't feel like dealing with that sado-shit today, here is the link to the forum proper. For some really disturbing shizz, go into " General chit - chat " and look at some of the IM logs the " ComAdmin " ... ( CM / DecA / VE ) has posted.

Here is the link to the board here. Some of it is disturbing and very offensive to many people, so don't say I didn't give you fair fucking warning about it. Nor do I endorse any material on that site. I link it only to demonstrate the nature of those who frequent it as members and friends of CM / DecA / VE and Kahta, and why one of them is to stay the hell away from Nation States and just why those forums are not allowed to be linked to Nation States.

6) In one of their comon but still outrageous claims and one of the best, is that the N.S. Moderators " Cyber " each other on IRC rather then do their jobs, several of the post's on the N.S. Boards they link to feature myself kind of heavily. Hee, didn't realise they were such big fans of my messages, heh. Still, I've got something to say about that.

" Kahta, CM / DecA / VE ? Now you've finally fucked off, Get Fucked Too. You both seem to need it. "

Actually, the latest IRC theory is they're both living together or in close contact as a same sex couple anyway, so maybe I'm not all that far off ... ( Well at least in theory they won't be able to breed ... )

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day of DEAT

Well, yesterday, heh.

Its finally went down in Moderation, the Kahta account was DEAT for further rule-breaking, stemming from their posts, naturally. The thread they ( The new Kahta voiced puppet ) opened about the DEAT ing in Moderation Forum was closed by a Forum Moderator when the new Kahta account of " Caelta " went ape-shit and tried to claim its " Kahta " flames and trolls were fine because it was " their opinion " ... which some how makes their trolls and flames not trolls and flames at all. No, of course not dear, cause your special, I'm sure.

( Special in the head, for one thing ... )

Hee, their * nine point * " refute " of the flames and trolls quoted to them by the Forum Moderator, was a classic to say the least.

One such gem was : " 6. God does hate faggots, explain it to me any other why, and I'll admit I was wrong. "

Just remember Kahta, he might not like us, but there is a hell of a lot more of us then him, and we don't like you.

Mind you, one right corker this time round, was the Kahta puppet sig line :

" Yes, I am Kahta. My population is still 3.3 billion, and if you are going to ignore that, I'm going to ignore you. "

Oh, dear. I think we'd better be nice to him, would not want to make him live in any more " ignorance ". He seems to have more than enough to go round as it is, and if he had any more, he might feel he has to start sharing it out with others, and then where would we be ...

( Well, aside from General Forum on a bad day ... )

For some light reading that explains my disdain for the Kahta series of accounts, and gives you an idea of why he's become one of the most reviled creatures on some of the Nation States IRC channels, check out the link to the thread titled " Why ? " > > > here < < < ... We all know " why ", of course. He's an ass. Now the question is, how long will the new account last ?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Forum ...

But wait, there is more !

You might remember reading the last blog post here, it was about some ... interesting things said by an account named Kahta, and in fact is right below this one, heh. An associate on the Nation States semi-un-official IRC channel ( Espernet, port 6667 #nationstates ) brought another Kahta post to my attention today. Again, interesting reading.

" See, you're one of those people I talked about that refuses to listen to the facts and would rather make excuses as to why people are in the state that they are in. We've been giving Africa hundreds of billions of dollars, and NOTHING has changed there, things were a lot better when the white colonial governments were in charge. "

Remember, if you disagree with Kahta, your not just wrong, your also deaf and avoiding the topic. Just quite what the topic is, you'd best ask Kahta to be sure.

This is just warming up, mind you. But I guess Kahta would be great at the helm of a new White Controlled South Africa. We all know how chipper the last one was for the locals ...

" You seem to be unable to understand that IQ tests, as my links have shown, are by far, the most reliable way to measure intelligence. "

Of course dear. Nothing can go wrong. Go wrong. Go wrong. With any system, can it ? But this is just small potatoes, here in is the real corker of the post :

" If the people of those countries were smart, over time, things would improve, because the smarter people will rise above the stupid ones. In Africa this is happening, you will find there are 1st world places in many African nations, but a very small segment of the population lives in them, because most people are stupid there. "

Charming, isn't it ?

The core mesage here seems to be " All the Africans are poor because they are stupid ". But maybe I'm being too literal of Kahta's post. Perhaps he's trying to say " If they were smart they'd be rich ", eh ?

Of course, while one is an orange, the other an apple, both are still fruit.

As he is such a bonafide font of wisdom, I suggest we air-drop Kahta into the heart of Zimbabwe so he can educate the massess about the evils of forced land re-allocation. If he has any questions before he jumps, just tell him " Hugo First, Kahta. ". I only hope he'd have worked it out before the parachute opens.

When it comes to Kahta, you have to live in hope.