Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Bigger They Are, The More The Disk Access Failure Sounds Like A Car Accident

In case your wondering, Nation States is down. Suspected server crashing. How-ever, the server is Admin'd not by Jolt but by N.S. Staff.

As GMC, Game Moderator stated in IRC Chat,

" In other words, only Sal or [violet] can come in and kick the game up the ass. "

Luckily, the Forums are still up and going at it by virtue of being on, yes, a seperate server.. It may be a few hours yet until Nation States the game itself is back up again, though. While the lights at Jolt H.Q. might be on for security reasons, it seems no one is home ...

And yes, Moderation Staff do know Nation States is off the air.

Do not feel the need to bother them in #themodcave on IRC about it or on the Tech / Mod forums, please. All efforts are being made to resolve this unfortunate, temporary, event.


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