Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day of DEAT

Well, yesterday, heh.

Its finally went down in Moderation, the Kahta account was DEAT for further rule-breaking, stemming from their posts, naturally. The thread they ( The new Kahta voiced puppet ) opened about the DEAT ing in Moderation Forum was closed by a Forum Moderator when the new Kahta account of " Caelta " went ape-shit and tried to claim its " Kahta " flames and trolls were fine because it was " their opinion " ... which some how makes their trolls and flames not trolls and flames at all. No, of course not dear, cause your special, I'm sure.

( Special in the head, for one thing ... )

Hee, their * nine point * " refute " of the flames and trolls quoted to them by the Forum Moderator, was a classic to say the least.

One such gem was : " 6. God does hate faggots, explain it to me any other why, and I'll admit I was wrong. "

Just remember Kahta, he might not like us, but there is a hell of a lot more of us then him, and we don't like you.

Mind you, one right corker this time round, was the Kahta puppet sig line :

" Yes, I am Kahta. My population is still 3.3 billion, and if you are going to ignore that, I'm going to ignore you. "

Oh, dear. I think we'd better be nice to him, would not want to make him live in any more " ignorance ". He seems to have more than enough to go round as it is, and if he had any more, he might feel he has to start sharing it out with others, and then where would we be ...

( Well, aside from General Forum on a bad day ... )

For some light reading that explains my disdain for the Kahta series of accounts, and gives you an idea of why he's become one of the most reviled creatures on some of the Nation States IRC channels, check out the link to the thread titled " Why ? " > > > here < < < ... We all know " why ", of course. He's an ass. Now the question is, how long will the new account last ?


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