Monday, March 21, 2005

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Forum ...

But wait, there is more !

You might remember reading the last blog post here, it was about some ... interesting things said by an account named Kahta, and in fact is right below this one, heh. An associate on the Nation States semi-un-official IRC channel ( Espernet, port 6667 #nationstates ) brought another Kahta post to my attention today. Again, interesting reading.

" See, you're one of those people I talked about that refuses to listen to the facts and would rather make excuses as to why people are in the state that they are in. We've been giving Africa hundreds of billions of dollars, and NOTHING has changed there, things were a lot better when the white colonial governments were in charge. "

Remember, if you disagree with Kahta, your not just wrong, your also deaf and avoiding the topic. Just quite what the topic is, you'd best ask Kahta to be sure.

This is just warming up, mind you. But I guess Kahta would be great at the helm of a new White Controlled South Africa. We all know how chipper the last one was for the locals ...

" You seem to be unable to understand that IQ tests, as my links have shown, are by far, the most reliable way to measure intelligence. "

Of course dear. Nothing can go wrong. Go wrong. Go wrong. With any system, can it ? But this is just small potatoes, here in is the real corker of the post :

" If the people of those countries were smart, over time, things would improve, because the smarter people will rise above the stupid ones. In Africa this is happening, you will find there are 1st world places in many African nations, but a very small segment of the population lives in them, because most people are stupid there. "

Charming, isn't it ?

The core mesage here seems to be " All the Africans are poor because they are stupid ". But maybe I'm being too literal of Kahta's post. Perhaps he's trying to say " If they were smart they'd be rich ", eh ?

Of course, while one is an orange, the other an apple, both are still fruit.

As he is such a bonafide font of wisdom, I suggest we air-drop Kahta into the heart of Zimbabwe so he can educate the massess about the evils of forced land re-allocation. If he has any questions before he jumps, just tell him " Hugo First, Kahta. ". I only hope he'd have worked it out before the parachute opens.

When it comes to Kahta, you have to live in hope.