Friday, March 18, 2005

STOP PRESS : TNP In State of Civil Unrest !

I have been informed that in the last 48 hours, a series of currently unknown events has led the Delegate in power of The North Pacific, " Pixiedance " to engage in a regional " security blitz ", leading to the kicking and banning of almost 20 accounts ! Most are thought to even be natives.

Pixiedance is in fact controlled by the original account of " Moldavi " and gained control of Pixiedance a short while ago. Two camps have formed in their posting on the R.M.B. of TNP resulting in claims and counter claims all over the place. Here are some examples :

" Wondering why we need a growing ban list when no nation has come within 150 endorsements of Pixiedance? "

" Moldavi, the founder of new Sparrow who is behind Pixiedance, has show his face as an oppressive dictator by banning nations left and right. "

" For the sake of freedom and democracy, please unendorse Pixiedance at your earliest convenience. "

At time of writing, no positive comments on the current Delegate account could be found on the R.M.B. or in TNP related IRC channels.

In fact, only one ( To remain un-identified ) source in IRC would respond to my invesigations, but I can tell you they are a 3rd party watching the unfolding TNP events,

" It will nice to see Moldavi go, he's digging his own grave with this. "

The source went on to tell me there is a whisper going around that this has all been a failed Public Relations Coup, where Pixiedance / Moldavi tried to wag the dog, as it were, with false claims of Invasions supposed to have been carried out by several bonafide, well regarded Defender organisations, and as an excuse to remove several long time natives for what are suspected to be personal reasons and to boost their image as an effective delegate, which has been lagging for some time now.

The story continues to unfold. More to come.


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