Saturday, April 02, 2005

" And Fuck You Two " heh.

Several things to get off my chest here, most of them really good !

1) Nathicana got a blog of her own, and I think its brilliant. Its over there in Links too, you can't miss it, and if you do, the N.D.A. will get you.Will so, will so, will so. They are every-where, I tell you.

2) Yeah, I have links now and a new format, sooo shibby, eh ? Go check them out.

3) I'm fairly erudite, what-ever that means, ... but I still don't know what " shibby " is. Sounds feline to me.

Talking of pussy,

4) Kahta's been making more trouble in Nation States, but has also claimed to be leaving it, ha ha. Yeah, right. Still, one can dream. I still can't think it fair that some people just won't catch the Marbug virus and die, no matter how much I commit strange sexual and pagan acts with a small human skull idol carved from crystal / semi-precious stone. Or plan to ...

( Feel sorry for me, I hav the Purchase Lust, and the Zippo lighter looked like the proposed ritual acts above might be a little too painful for any-one to carry out no matter how good the cause ... And I can leech phone credit from my parents, heh. )

5) Decisive Action, ( Or " Dick Attraction " as they can be known by by others, boy's gotta be a pent-up closet case thee way he spouts his homophobia online ) the near-mentor of Kahta ( Can't Rationalise a Bit, more like it ), and idiot of several re-incarnations, is not only marked DoS, but has that same sorry N.S. rip off site of theirs still going, with all their usual homicidal, anti-semetic, anti-colour, anti-anything-but-their-twisted-Calvinism bitching.

Instead of like quoting it, and because quite frankly I don't feel like dealing with that sado-shit today, here is the link to the forum proper. For some really disturbing shizz, go into " General chit - chat " and look at some of the IM logs the " ComAdmin " ... ( CM / DecA / VE ) has posted.

Here is the link to the board here. Some of it is disturbing and very offensive to many people, so don't say I didn't give you fair fucking warning about it. Nor do I endorse any material on that site. I link it only to demonstrate the nature of those who frequent it as members and friends of CM / DecA / VE and Kahta, and why one of them is to stay the hell away from Nation States and just why those forums are not allowed to be linked to Nation States.

6) In one of their comon but still outrageous claims and one of the best, is that the N.S. Moderators " Cyber " each other on IRC rather then do their jobs, several of the post's on the N.S. Boards they link to feature myself kind of heavily. Hee, didn't realise they were such big fans of my messages, heh. Still, I've got something to say about that.

" Kahta, CM / DecA / VE ? Now you've finally fucked off, Get Fucked Too. You both seem to need it. "

Actually, the latest IRC theory is they're both living together or in close contact as a same sex couple anyway, so maybe I'm not all that far off ... ( Well at least in theory they won't be able to breed ... )