Wednesday, April 06, 2005

EXPECT : ... Something ...

Recently, I popped into #themodcave on IRC to query as to " can the Names Release be expected some time -this- month ? Or are the bugs still Alien 1, 2 or 3 grade ? " ( By which I mean, are you still putting together the flame-throwers to cleanse us of the menace ) ... Because it has been a few months since the first comment on it being in the works, and the few obvious test accounts being made.

How-ever, the response from the person who gave me my answer was :

" Right now it's low priority "

So I asked if the forum-specific bugs I had heard about were making problems still, I got :

" No, it's something else which is still hush-hush. "

Well there you have it. Those great minds are working away on ...

Something !

No, I don't know what. But, at least they care ! And don't you wonder what it is ?

In semi-related news, Sirocco has put a new issue into the game, rejoice, but no help from me, I know nothing else about it at this time in regards to content or effect. So keep your eyes open !